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Seeing as I have always followed the RCS and respected the site for It's influence on the industry I felt it was necessary to finally join and to announce the blog we at Fairway Solutions started regarding the state of the roofing industry. Seeing as we deal mainly with insurance restoration work I know our perspective might be very different than some of you and We'respect that but would love for you to join our conversation. I will attach a link to our website and would love to Here'some feedback. Here is one of the posts from the blog: I want to talk about the state of the roofing industry and the state of what has become industry standard. Eagleviews used for measurements, Xactimate used for estimating and Overhead and Profit based off of complexity and coordination are now industry standard. The interesting part about these standards being set is that they benefit the insurance carrier more than the actual contractor. The insurance companies have made It'standard that measurements can be off, prices are based off a software owned by an insurance company and O&P is now allotted by an insurance company?s representative and their opinion on whether or not a job is complex. The sad part about this is that roofing contractors have noone to blame but themselves for undermining each other on price and not uniting to set the industry standard price. Contractor A wants to charge the insurance carrier the appropriate price but Contractor B undermines him, does not supplement for missing items, covers the deductible just to sign a contract. This has allowed the insurance carriers to make up their own rules and regulations on how much money the contractor can make and it is getting worse every storm season. A perfect example of this nonsense is on a SafeCo claim we have recently handled where they have demanded that We'remove the removal charges on roofing line items because they come off with the roof, refused to pay base service charges and approved O&P on everything except the roof because they do not pay O&P on roofing. At some point this has got to be put to stop. Insurance carriers have determined our measuring service, estimating service and now they are manipulating how that estimating service is used to benefit them in every possible way. The roofing industry needs a change of balance back in the favor of the contractors but it will only change when the contractors make a stand together.
Category: Roofing Post By: TANYA PARK (Fishers, IN), 03/19/2018

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